Lease and Contract Management

Lease & Contract Management Solutions

Proactively manage your lease portfolio, stay COMPLIANT & NEVER pay more than you owe

Your leases and contracts represent a significant financial obligation to your organization. The devil is truly in the details which is why we created Lucernex Lease and Contract Management. Our cloud-based solution tracks all the key details of your leases and contracts so you can stay on top of key dates, financial obligations, insurance requirements, security deposits and much more. It also helps you calculate your rent and expense obligations exactly so you never overpay a landlord. 

You can manage any type of contracts with our solution including equipment contracts, talent contracts, and licenses, just to name a few.

Key Capabilities

  • Clickable lease abstract
  • Key date alerts and reporting
  • Unlimited subtenants
  • Amendment tracking
  • Maintenance responsibilities
  • Insurance certifications
  • Security deposit management
  • Center detail tracking
  • Covenant tracking
  • Co-tenancy tracking
  • Equipment lease management
  • Franchise management

All of our modules are a part of our fully integrated cloud based solution. In addition to being a single source of the truth for all your real estate information, it includes the following key capabilities:

  • Document management
  • Schedule management
  • Budget management
  • Document binders
  • Configurable dashboards
  • Report builder
  • Workflow builder
  • Environment personalization
  • Full internationalization
  • Security & authentication management
  • Mobile access on smartphones & tablets

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