3 Steps Towards FASB Success!

  • ExpertAdvice - Lucernex

    Identify Leases 
    Meet with our FASB / IASB consultant to assess your lease portfolio.

  • One Solution - Lucernex

    Gather Data 
    Get help finding and collecting relevant equipment lease information.  
  • Ready-Lucernex

    Enter Data & Implement 
    Import data with wizards and templates into our FASB / IASB solution.

 Don’t Get Caught Unprepared

The truth is that you can have all the features in the world but it doesn't matter if you do not account for your real estate and equipment leases properly—this can have a huge impact on your company’s financials. Lucernex™ offers robust lease management software with consultative services so you can feel confident you are in compliance with the FASB/IASB requirements.


  Lucernex’s FASB and IASB consultative service includes:


  • Assessment- Lucernex Process Assessment

    Assist with identifying your current processes and identify “gotchas” to look out for during your FASB/IASB transition.

  • Assessment-Lucernex Impact Consultation

    Provide step-by-step guidance and best practices for data collection and provide recommendations to set you up for FASB/IASB success.

  • ImportTools-Lucernex Import Data Tools

    Classify, capture and upload leases accurately using built-in wizards and templates.

  • JournalEntry-Lucernex Journal Entry Creation

    All journal entries will be packaged up and sent to your accounting solution.

  • ExpertAdvice-Lucernex FASB/IASB Experts

    Not only will you have a dedicated implementation specialist, we have FASB/IASB experts to watch out for the “gotchas”.

  • Training-Lucernex Training

    We are dedicated to sharing best practices and our deep FASB/IASB knowledge to ensure your team’s success.

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