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Many of today’s retailers and restaurants are turning to a franchise model in order to grow quickly in multiple geographic markets to meet customers demand.  They rely on the knowledge and investment of local owners to fuel their growth and brand recognition.  The Franchisor and Franchisee must work together to manage their franchise agreements, leases, contracts, equipment leases and documents across their entire portfolio of locations.  Some franchisees must manage all of this across multiple franchises.

Lucernex specializes in helping franchisors and franchisees manage every aspect of their real estate portfolios to ensure they maximize revenue, minimize costs and manage the ever more complex regulatory requirements such as FASB compliance.  Lucernex™ will be your single source of the truth across your entire real estate portfolio. 

Our Franchisee customers typically leverage our Lease & Contract Management and Capital, Program & Project Management solutions. 


Here are a few key features that help our Franchise customers everyday:

Lucernex Solutions have helped countless businesses of all sizes, including:

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