Web Spreadsheets

Deploy MS Excel models to the Lucernex Cloud

Bring the power of Excel into IWMS

Typically, when implementing an IWMS solution, your time-tested and trusted MS Excel models are either replaced or simply stored in the document repository of the application.

Web Spreadsheets allows you to deploy your Excel models to the Lucernex Cloud and then, using the Drag & Drop Page Builder, create pages that will collect data, pass it to your Excel model, process the data and return results to any part of the IWMS system. Results can come as individual data fields and/or as reports, graphs and charts.

You can even include the input form or data output as part of an executive summary page, a report or a workflow.

Excel Model Management

Using Excel as a modeling tool requires re-distribution of the model every time it changes creating version confusion. Web Spreadsheets manages the versions of your models in one place so everyone is always using the current version.

Did you know?

Web Spreadsheets is included in the Lucernex Enterprise collection.

Key Capabilities

  • Use existing trusted customer models
  • Design and implement user interfaces
  • Run models on dedicated Excel server
  • Model can return any data for display
  • Automatically run and return Excel-based Reports
  • Pull returned data and reports into other Lucernex Enterprise™ Pages and Reports.

gantt chart software

All of our modules are a part of our fully integrated cloud based solution. In addition to being a single source of the truth for all your real estate information, it includes the following key capabilities:

  • Document management
  • Schedule management
  • Budget management
  • Document binders
  • Configurable dashboards
  • Report builder
  • Workflow builder
  • Environment personalization
  • Full internationalization
  • Security & authentication management
  • Mobile access on smartphones & tablets

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