Why Lucernex


  • Our customers

    Lucernex helps some of the largest companies in the world manage their workplace portfolio successfully. This is where their teams work, their revenue flows through and one of their most significant expense is managed.

  • Our team

    Lucernex has gathered some of the most experienced, passionate and driven people in the IWMS industry. Together we have over 900 years of direct experience helping companies manage their workplaces, locations and stores.

    We just don’t talk about the Cloud – our team lives the cloud every day in everything that we do.

  • Our solution

    Lucernex customers use a single cloud based version of our software so that everyone is always on the same page getting all the value we have to offer. Customers are never left behind when we update our software because we only have to do it once, for everyone.


  • Focus on what really matters

    Customers expect business software to be as intuitive and easy to use as the software they use in their personal lives. Lucernex is dedicated to delivering easy-to-use business software that engages our customers while they deliver real business results using our True Cloud based solutions.

  • Complexity is a thing of the past

    Lucernex delivers a single Cloud based solution built on a single technology platform and a single programming code base. This gives our customers a single version of the truth when it comes to making decisions regarding their business.

    Other options on the market offer an assortment of products  obtained through acquisition and thus are limited by custom, complex integrations to make them share data. They also offer different experiences in usability depending on which application you are currently using. This is the past. The True Cloud is the future.

  • Say goodbye to costly software upgrades

    Software of the past requires a reimplementation project when you want to move to the newest version of software. If you don’t your stuck in the past and not getting the benefits you are paying for every year. With Lucernex all of our customers receive product updates immediately and they are free. Really.

Reliable & Secure

  • Our company and our software are certified to the highest levels

    We take the security of your business data extremely seriously at Lucernex. As such we have achieved SSAE 16 Type II (SOC2) certification on our product. Your business data is encrypted with HTTPS/SSL and we use PGP for all data transport. Your data is secured with SHA3 even while it’s at rest. The combination of these things offers the most reliable and most secure solution in IWMS today.

  • We ensure you are compliant with SOX and FASB

    SOX and FASB compliancy is something to take very seriously as there can be significant consequences to your company and you individually in some cases. Our solution has been purpose-built with on-screen, field-level auditing and reporting to ensure you are in good hands. It also can tell you which leases are considered capital leases under the new FASB guidelines.

  • We are there when you need us

    Lucernex utilizes only the most secure and most reliable data centers available to ensure our software is there when our customers need it. In fact one of the main benefits of a True Cloud solution is that all customers are using the same version of our software so we are focusing on just a single version. This allows us to be extremely efficient and effective in providing reliability. You won’t find this with other options on the market as each customer gets their own version of software thereby requiring management of hundreds or thousands of versions of software. The support and reliability you receive can be based on where you fall in the pecking order of their clients.

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